Water Woes? Visit the Dry-Climate Lambley Nursery, Victoria

Ok, so now you've probably worked out that I love a good garden tour! 

Nurseries can prove to be the perfect inspiration for my own garden (I wish!) and my writing. Enter Lambley Nursery, crafted from from a dusty paddock in central Victoria. This is former wool-growing country, but there's not a merino in sight around here. 

The nursery is surrounded by a thick hedge to protect it from the winds that come hurtling through the valleys. The dark leaves give this a firm backdrop, and the garden is planted to appear whimsical, almost accidental, so loose and free does it seem. The artistry is in the seamless combination of plantings, mixing greys and blues and with limes and pinks. Structure comes through with the texture of each plant, a mighty artichoke, a proud succulent with a delicate blue groundcover giggling underneath. 

A walk through Lambley makes my heart sing. And at the end, you can buy some of your favourite plants to take home.