Rock the Shack: The Architecture of Cabins, Cocoons and Hideouts

Rock the Shack: The Architecture of Cabins, Cocoons and Hideouts, Gestalten, RRP $95

Every now and again there is an illustrated book that completely captures the imagination of the whole family. I bought Rock the Shack: The Architecture of Cabins, Cocoons and Hideouts a few weeks ago for my husband's birthday and it has been a major hit. My husband has since been planning a shed, I fancy a little studio and my daughter has been busy drawing a pretty elaborate treehouse and a design to scale. It's OK to dream, right? Visitors who come to our house cannot put this book down.  

I think lots of people dream of a simple little room, a shack or a shed, where they can tinker, craft, fix things, write, meditate or play. Just a simple space to do your own thing.

We have just finished building a little house, but I have to tell you just one glance at this books makes me want to find a cute block somewhere and do it all over again! There's a cultural shift towards micro-housing as opposed to McMansions and this book embraces that in its purest form. And why not? Downsize both the house and the mortgage ... it sure makes a lot of sense. 

I'm a late convert to the German publishing house Gestalten but I'll definitely be looking out for more books from their catalogue. Look at the blurb for the book below, but really … this one is all about the pics. 

From Gestalten

Rock the Shack takes us to the places we long for. For the first time in the history of humankind, more people live in cities than in the country. Yet, at the same time, more and more city dwellers are yearning for rural farms, mountain cabins, or seaside homes. These kinds of refuges offer modern men and women a promise of what urban centers usually cannot provide: quiet, relaxation, being out of reach, getting back to basics, feeling human again.

Rock the Shack is a survey of such contemporary refuges from around the world—from basic to luxury. The book features a compelling range of sparingly to intricately furnished cabins, cottages, second homes, tree houses, transformations, shelters, and cocoons. The look of the included structures from the outside is just as important as the view from inside. What these diverse projects have in common is an exceptional spirit that melds the uniqueness of a geographic location with the individual character of the building’s owner and architect.


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All images reproduced with permission from Gestalten. Thankyou!