Pool Love? Books to read with a Gin and Tonic in hand.

Chances are if you are in on the eastern seaboard right now you are HOT. Damn hot. The summer heatwaves (and sadly, bushfires) have started early this year. 

I wish I had a pool! I'm obsessed with pools. Obsessed. It started with a love of swimming, but as I got older I cannot go visit ANY garden without thinking: where would I put my pool? 

One day, I'm gonna have the most amazing horizon lap-pool ever (when I live somewhere with no deciduous trees, not long winter and more water!). Ok, so maybe that's a never.

But in the meantime, I can dream. I will be sitting under a fan somewhere drinking a Gin and Tonic dreaming of these places. You can too. 

Coffee Table Books

Novels with Swimming Pools