The Herb Walk: Inspiration for #TheMidsummerGarden

The Herb Walk: Inspiration for #TheMidsummerGarden

I write about The Herb Walk in The Midsummer Garden. I used it as the inspiration for Mary's garden in my novel. 

When I moved to Castanea, I wanted a garden brimming with herbs. With scents as you walked past. Of course, any gardener will tell you things never quite go to plan. For example, the wallabies ate 100 bay saplings I planned to make  into a hedge - I have 1 left! In their defence, it was a drought year ...

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The No-Dig Veggie Patch

I'm a big fan of saving time and cutting corners whenever I can in the garden. At this time of year, it is all about weeding. But, it is possible using a no-dig garden, to minimise weeds.

I compost the beds over winter, then lay sheets of newspaper down (to stop weeds coming through) and plant into the paper.

Just add water and mulch. Voila!

Here's some pics of how we prepare our no-dig beds. It's so easy the kids can do it ...