Posies for Presents ... the Meaning Behind the Herbs

One of my favourite things to give someone is a posy of herbs from my garden. I keep it loose, and bind the bottom with some garden twine. 

I love to think of the meanings behind the herbs when I give a present to someone.

The herbs I use are rosemary (for rememberance), mint (healing, fidelity and protection), marjoram (love honour and happiness), wormwood (Artemisia, The Mother of Herbs - for feminine might and power), broadleaf sage (for good health and longevity) for that flamboyant structure, and then I add lavender (love, devotion and purity), sage flowers and catmint (affection, cheedfulness, beauty) for that pretty pop of blue. 

When roses are in season I would add a couple (for love, devotion and perfection) and also bind it with ivy (loyalty).