The Herb Walk: Inspiration for #TheMidsummerGarden

I write about The Herb Walk in The Midsummer Garden. I used it as the basis of Mary's garden in my novel. 

When I moved to Castanea, I wanted a garden brimming with herbs. With scents as you walked past. Of course, any gardener will tell you things never quite go to plan. For example, the wallabies ate 100 bay saplings I planned to make  into a hedge - I have 1 left! In their defence, it was a drought year ...

But, I did get a herb walk, brimming with rosemary, broadleaf sage and peaking with artichoke in the middle over summer. It is every bit as glorious as I imagined. The light Tuscan-style gravel means the walk is never dark and gloomy, even in the middle of winter. I have a little French-bistro-style  table and chairs I sit at for a morning coffee, lunch or glass of wine at the end of the day.