Susane Gervay, Being Jack

Bullying has become a hot topic for parents. It's a a serious issue, but the best results I find are always where the kids find out a way to sort it out themselves in the playground. Being Jack gives primary-aged kids a few tools to do just that. It is also a lesson in resilience with a smidge of romance thrown in (much to the disgust of Mr 10!).

In other books in the series Jack has had to deal with a breakup, new stepfather and a wedding. He seems to getting along just fine when we meet him in Grade 6 in Being Jack, but as you know life can throw a few curve-balls. Fortunately Jack seems to be able to muddle his way through and teach us all a few lessons along the way. 

As with all books for this age group, I road-tested it with one of my in-house reviewers that falls within the demographic!

The author, Susanne Gervay, has a rather sweet website if you are interested in more information on bullying and the series of books she produces. 

Mr 10 writes: 

If you are being bullied or have been bullied then this is the book for you. What I like about this book is that Jack is a thoughtful person and manages to get through everyday life. He used to get bullied regularly, but he got over that using his knowledge.
This book really gets into action when Jack goes to watch his school footy team play where he experiences some bad sportsmanship. He soon realises he can do a lot of things to help his friends and make the school ground a better place
I think this a good book for people who are having a hard time.
It also has a bit of romance, so be warned! 

The Blurb from HarperCollins

The fourth and concluding book about Jack - an ordinary boy who does extraordinary things. 

Jack is in Year 6 now and still loves his photography, surfing, and crazy family. Things are going well for him, particularly at school where he isn't bullied any more. But he notices that his best friend Christopher is being taunted and is starting to miss school and hiding out and avoiding everyone. And when a football match turns ugly and Jack and Christopher witness some unfair dirty play, they know that, again, the bullying has to stop.

Ages: 9+

A review copy of this book was supplied by HarperCollins, but all opinions are our own.