A.L. Tait, The Mapmaker Chronicles

A new fantasy/adventure series is born thanks to Aussie author A.L. Tait. Buy it immediately for any lad over eight who is a keen reader. 

A quest, a reluctant hero, shenanigans on the high seas, monsters, maps, overcoming self-doubt and the power of friendship (and forgiveness). What more could a boy want? 

You know you are onto an absolute winner when your son tries to look for the next book in the series on your iPad. When queried, Mr 10 said: "That was just the most amazing book. When can I get the next one?" 

When indeed? I understand books two and three are scheduled for April and October 2015. Stay tuned. 

I asked Mr 10 to tell you folks why he loved the book so much. 

Mr 10 writes:

A map of the world? Why did the King want that? Everyone knew that if you went too far in either direction you'd fall off the edge ...
Jump into a book where monsters and Kings are real. If you like adventure, like me, you will love this book just as I did. There is not a dull bit to this book.
It's all about a boy called Quinn who has a remarkable mind: he remembers everything. So one day he is chosen to go to a special school about making maps to get chosen by the King to make a map of the world. He is chosen against all his doubts and an adventure unfolds.
Overall I think this would be an amazing book for anyone who likes adventures or monsters. 

Author A.L.Tait is an accomplished journalist and non-fiction writer so we are all fortunate she has chosen to funnel her energy into creating The MapMaker Chronicles. There are two more books in the pipeline, the next to be released in 2015 so our kids will have to wait and re-read until then. 


The Mapmaker Chronicles website, complete with amazing teacher resources. 

Allison Tait also has a wonderful website with lots of tips and thoughts on being a freelance writer. She has cleverly parlayed that into a resource for fiction writers too. Worth a visit for anyone with literary aspirations. 

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A review copy was sent by Hachette Australia but all opinions are our own!