General: What my Kids are Reading at the Moment (Roald Dahl, of course!)

Every now and again I'm going to upload a quick post about what my kids are reading. I'm always keen to hear what they are enjoying and get recommendations from others.

Last week there was a news blitz saying Roald Dahl's Revolting Rhymes was removed from Aldi. Ridiculous. We love Revolting Rhymes in our house. Yes of course there is the 'slut' word, but as adults, we are perfectly capable of editing it if we need to, or putting it in context for our kids. Since they all hit primary school we have been faced with an avalanche of queries about swear words and what they mean. Isn't that just part of growing up? I'm not in favour of swearing in front of kids, but denial has never really been a great parenting tool either. 

Besides, would you snuggle up in bed and grind your way through age-appropriate Zac Power (yawn!) or Revolting Rhymes? No contest.

Below is a bit of a run through of what my kiddos are reading at the moment. Write and tell me what your kids are loving ... everyone loves a new series. 

Ten year old boy

My Mr 10 is a voracious reader. He reads everything from ancient Greek and Roman mythology to fantasy to Diary of a Wimpy Kid Series. When we went to the Louvre this year on a family trip Mr 10 was in heaven and wanted to stay with the ancient Greek Gods and artefacts. 

Mr 10's beside table last holidays ... pity the bed beside this wasn't made!

Mr 10's beside table last holidays ... pity the bed beside this wasn't made!

It wasn't always this way. 

I don't think he'd mind me telling you he was a 'Reading Recovery' kid. He didn't enjoy reading much at all until he met Mr Potter in Grade 2 and he wrenched the book out of my hand and started reading the Harry Potter series. He started off bumbling his way through the words and pretty soon he was flying himself. 

Even now, we joke that he has an annual 'Harry Potter Holiday'. You know the days when they are too sick for school, but not too sick and they just drop everything and read? Well, Mr 10 does that when he's sick - he reads Harry Potter to feel better. Everybody needs a good comfort read … I'll post about that later, I think!

Nine year old girl

Miss 9 has not been into the fantasy too much, and doesn't go for Harry Potter like her brother. I thought that was a little strange, after all who doesn't love Harry P?  But when I looked at the books she is reading lately, of course it is the ones where the strong chicks rule. Hermione is great, but she's not centre stage. Go girl!















Seven year old boy

My baby is a reasonable reader and just hit the 'chapter book' milestone midway through grade 1. As an Australian rite of passage, I bought him his first Zac Power but really we are all a bit bored reading it. They take a bit of time for the story to kick off.

He's been reading Roald Dahl's The Witches in class and loving every bit of it. We have a thing going now whenever we jump in the car, the kids have to run me through the stories they are reading. I have had a complete breakdown of The Witches as Mr 7 recounts the story and I'm amazed, really, at how articulate the kid is. From my house it is 10 minutes to anywhere so we can get a great recap of a chapter. I forgot how marvellous Roald Dahl is. The descriptions never get tired, even out of the mouths of babes. In fact Mr 7 went to great lengths to describe everything accurately. It's been great fun and better than fighting in the car on the way somewhere … I'm a bit sad they've finished The Witches

Mr 7 mused aloud that he wondered if the was a The Witches 2? "where they just go around the world turning all the witches into mice and killing them. Can you write the second one for me Mum? Gawd! There's a challenge ...write the follow-up to Roald Dahl! Any takers? 

Thank goodness we have our own dog-eared copy of Revolting Rhymes to work through next!

To stave off the boredom of the early days of Zac Power, we are reading a chapter of T.S. Elliot's Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats. Still a masterpiece. Enough said. 

What are your kids reading?