Inspirational bloggers, writers and podcasts (and a rare orchid sighting!)

It's that time of the year when I'm taking stock and getting organised for next year. I prefer to do this before the holidays start, rather than after the holidays. Why? Because then I feel I charge into the new year organised and inspired, rather than just drift and hope for the best. 

Well, that's my tactic for now! I'll let you know how it works out.

Like many of you, I'm juggling freelance paid work, creative work, a business, kids and a commuting husband. This year has stretched me and so things not on my VIP list, like social media, window cleaning, sorting washing and weeding, have been ignored. Or sporadic, at best. 

I've just finished rewriting a novel (maybe?) and thinking about how I can consolidate and pull my finger out for next year. You may think I'd be all over this, being an ex book publisher and jobbing journo, but it's like exercise:  I know it is vital, but it is easy to find an excuse to skip it when life gets crazy. 

Thankfully I have found a way to combine both. I have been back on my mountain trails with the headset on working my way through the brilliant podcasts by Allison Tait and Valerie Khoo So You Want to be a Writer series at the Australian Writers' Centre. They chat writing tips, interview authors, agents, publicists and scriptwriters, review apps and function as a resource for both creative and freelance work. 

I come home after an hour hiking outside, filled with inspiration and checklist ready to go. They've helped me find that social media mojo! 

And just in case you are wondering, I do take time to enjoy the nature and breathe the clean air. I even spotted a rare cool-climate orchid. (Hooray!)  And yes, that speck in the distance in front of me is my husband Alex running! I can't keep up and he makes me check my pulse rate (which gets a little tedious) because, well, I like to meander, smell the flowers and feel the baby bracken.

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