Janelle McCulloch, New York In Style

VIctory Books, RRP $39.99

VIctory Books, RRP $39.99

It is rare for people to snap up a travel guide without fixed plans for a visit.

New York in Style may be the exception.

At our New York Style event last week women poured over the glossy pics of art galleries, gardens, swanky hotels and, of course, the fashion. NY is all about fashion. 

The distinctive glossy cover combined with a true "I wish" factor guarantees this book will be a hit. Buy it for yourself, or a gal pal.

Watch out ... your next purchase will be a ticket to JFK!

The Blurb from MUP

A guide to the city's fashion, design and style destinations

A gorgeous travel guide that uncovers New York's style, fashion and design treasures

Innovative, creative, iconoclastic, and always, always inspirational, New York is a city built on stories and dreams, on grand plans and even bigger ambitions. It's a city like no other. And its style is equally unique.

After more than a decade of visiting New York for work, writer and photographer Janelle McCulloch has built up an impressive list of the finest places the city has to offer.
Join her here as she reveals New York's hidden treasures and guides travellers to the city's most beautiful and memorable design, style and fashion destinations.
New York In Style takes readers on a journey through the city's distinctive neighbourhoods, from the sophisticated Upper East Side to the charming West Village.
Along the way we uncover such gems as little-known markets and vintage stores; artisan jewellers, bespoke clothing and bargain-basement designer-wear; secret gardens and sumptuous interiors; literary haunts and quirky museums; lovely boutique hotels, hot dining spots and glamorous bars.
With over 200 reviews and replete with gorgeous photography and great insider recommendations, plus maps and city tips, New York In Style is a must-have guide for travellers seeking style and creative inspiration.

About the author

Janelle McCulloch has been a journalist, editor and author for 20 years, both in Australia and internationally. She has been editor of many home and lifestyle magazines, and has contributed style and design pieces to publications such as Vogue LivingMarie ClaireElleHome BeautifulSunday Life and Inside Melbourne.
She is the author/photographer of eighteen books, including the bestselling Paris: A Guide to the City's Creative Heart and many other bestselling titles on architecture, interior design, travel and gardening.


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