Jane Paech, Delicious Days in Paris: Walking Tours to Explore the City's Food and Culture

Jane Paech,  Delicious Days in Paris: Walking tours to explore the city's food and culture , Lantern, RRP $35 

Jane Paech, Delicious Days in Paris: Walking tours to explore the city's food and culture, Lantern, RRP $35 

Who doesn't adore Paris? Just as you can never visit Paris too many times, you can never have too many Paris-related books.

Delicious Days in Paris is a walking guide to Paris. Conveniently sized as a travel guide to throw in your backpack ... or Chanel bag. That's where the travel book comparison ends as Delicious Days in Paris  has raised the bar with sumptuous photos, cute hand-drawn maps and guides. Each chapter is named after a particular treat (A glass of Vin Naturel, Mint Tea and Honey, Confit de Cunard) and certainly author and Aussie ex-pat Jane Paech takes us in and out of the best food shops, deli's, bakeries, cafes and restaurants and wine bars.

Paech writes well about food and where to get the best in each arrondissement. However where this book differs is she describes the walk down the back alleyways, through the galleries, and when she swings into shops I can hear the bells jingle as the doors open, where she sets down her umbrella, the depth of the gutters and narrow footpaths (or not) . Paech knows her stuff and she offers 14 different walks through Paris so you can pick and choose, or do a different one every day. 

Also by Jane Paech

Also by Jane Paech

This would be the perfect gift for someone who adores Paris or just loves a bit of armchair travel. I curled up on rainy Sunday afternoon and lived the Paris dream for an hour or so from a window-box in Victoria. I'll be popping this in the backpack for my next visit to Paris as it truly is a great city for getting lost in the alleyways. 

A review copy was sent from Penguin/Lantern. All opinions are my own.