What to Pack: First Aid Checklist


Whenever I travel for work or play, I always carry a travel first aid pack with me.

Just the essentials. This care-pack means that if anything icky strikes, I don't have to lumber to a pharmacy in the dead of night, or play charades with a night concierge to explain my child has an earache! Or throwing up (or worse!).

Print this out and use it as a checklist for your next trip. 

Kirsty's First Aid Checklist

Gastro-stop/Diarrhoea Relief(I have iron guts, but just in case ...)

Hydralyte tablets (dehydration)


Fess Nasal Spray with Eucalyptus (to ward off nasty lurgies in transit. Use often!)

Cold and flu tablets + cold and flu sips + losengers

Auralglan antibacterial eardrops (for that dodgy pool ... saved my kids many times)

Eye drops + eye irrigation

Bandaids + pads + bandage

Sore throat gargle

Antiseptic creams

Hand sanitiser

Cold sore cream + tablets + patches (if anyone in your family prone to the virus)

Nurophen/sports gel (for aches/sprains and muscles)


Burn gel

Cleansing/sterile wipes (for those knees)

Resuscitation face mask

Lavender spray (I make my own using lavender oil and a standard spray bottle from the pharmacy) 

Chewing gum (for little ears on takeoff/landing and stinky breath)