‘Given the passion of Kirsty Manning, the ease at which she slips into the quintessential lifestyle of the author, and with another novel in the works, there is no doubt THE MIDSUMMER GARDEN will not be the last we see of her.’

Herald Sun


KIRSTY MANNING grew up in northern New South Wales. She has degrees in literature and communications and worked as an editor and publishing manager in book publishing for over a decade. A country girl with wanderlust, her travels and studies have taken her through most of Europe, the east and west coasts of the United States and pockets of Asia. Kirsty’s journalism and photography specialising in lifestyle and travel regularly appear in magazines, newspapers and online.


In 2005, Kirsty and her husband, with two toddlers and a baby in tow, built a house in an old chestnut grove in the Macedon Ranges. Together, they planted an orchard and veggie patch, created large herbal ‘walks’ brimming with sage and rosemary, wove borders from chestnuts branches and constructed far too many stone walls by hand.

Kirsty loves cooking with her kids and has several large heirloom copper pots that do not fit anywhere easily, but are perfect for making (and occasionally burning) jams, chutneys and soups.

With husband Alex Wilcox, Kirsty is a partner in the award-winning Melbourne wine bar Bellota, and the Prince Wine Store in Sydney and Melbourne. 

Kirsty has also worked as both freelance academic researcher and journalist travelling to post-war Bosnia and Europe to interview publishers, educators, United Nations and the World Bank to contribute to the The International Publishing Services Market. For a few years she also researched and authored chapters in the SBS World Guide.

In 2010 Kirsty co-wrote a recipe and gardening book with her friend Peta Heine called We Love Food (Hardie Grant), with the photos by the talented Jacqui Henshaw.  They were lucky enough to have it published in Australia, NZ and the UK (Hip Hooray!). Unfortunately it did not enable them to retire to a Greek island as originally planned, but they had a lot of fun. 

I wish! Exploring a garden near Lucca, Tuscany.

I wish! Exploring a garden near Lucca, Tuscany.

A few more details about Kirsty ...

Pre-children, Kirsty toured the west and east coasts of the USA on bicycle and later hiked and travelled the region of Lucca, Italy with her husband on breaks from his wine-making job. Lately they’ve taken the whole mob on a few adventures

Kirsty's favourite bookshop is La Maison Rustique in the 6th in Paris (Rue Jacob). An entire bookshop devoted to all things horticultural: gardening books and magazines. Bliss. And before you ask, no ... she doesn't get there too often!